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Tinnitus Help!

The new Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment device provides long-term benefit of reducing the distraction and disturbance caused by tinnitus. The device is a medical device that is FDA-cleared.


Tinnitus is the buzzing, ringing, humming, whistling, and humming noises in the ear even though those sounds are not being heard in the environment and affects about 20% of the population. It can be occasionally annoying because it is disturbing or distracting. It can interfere with one’s sleep and concentration. There is help for the tinnitus sufferer.

There is help mild or moderate degrees as well as those that are more severe.

There is rapid relief and an increased sense of control with the use of the Neuromonics  Treatment system. The treatment approach is highly tailored to your unique needs and goals to give you a greater control and relief from its disturbing effects. With its use there is a reduced awareness and disturbance from the tinnitus.

Severe tinnitus can be devastating by its interference with sleep and concentration. The stress from not sleeping and greater difficulty of paying attention can effect one’s work and personal relationships. It is not unusual for sufferers to develop a desperate feeling restriction on their lives, a loss of control, or a reduction in their quality of life. It can also effect ones productivity and motivation at work which can lead to an unusually high number of sick days from work.

The Neuromonics Treatment is a breakthrough treatment. Over the past 14 years, it has been proven and validated with treatment of thousands of sufferers worldwide. This treatment is now available in the U.S. Clinical studies show that a treatment success rate of greater than 90% of patients.

The customized Neuromonics Treatment device matches your hearing levels and tinnitus profile. It treats the cause of tinnitus–not just masking the symptom of tinnitus. This form of treatment provides a long-term benefit to tinnitus sufferers.

The Neuromonics Treatment interrupts and interacts with the tinnitus to desensitize the patient to the disturbing sounds of tinnitus. It targets the neurological processes of the tinnitus. The approach changes how the brain perceives the tinnitus sounds.

This approach is non-invasive and is FDA cleared. The technology is patented and has been clinically tested and found to provide a long term reduction of tinnitus. It has a long battery life and is very easy to use.

This approach has been found to provide a reduction in the disturbances and awareness and disturbances one has from tinnitus. Greater relaxation and improved ability to concentrate makes the quality of life better.

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