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Free Hearing Test

Our free hearing test will get you well on your way to improving your lifestyle.

Free Hearing Test

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to schedule your free hearing test*

  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessment
  • Allows you to decide your options
  • Free Consultation and Hearing Aid Demonstration

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can also be caused by viral or bacterial infections, heart conditions or stroke, head injuries, tumors, and certain medicines.

The Lakewood Hearing Center:

*Free Hearing screening test includes a visual examination of the ear canal and threshold testing though headphones at the speech frequencies (.5-3kHz) The results are Pass or Fail.

The hearing screening test provides information as to whether amplification may be indicated and if additional testing is necessary. Comprehensive testing may be necessary.

  • to determine the nature and degree of hearing loss; and for
  • proper selection and fitting of hearing devices for safety, comfort, and benefit.
  • testing your hearing and listening abilities in noise.

There is a professional fee for the comprehensive testing or other services.

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