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Hearing Test

A hearing test might be the single best thing you can do right now for a better quality of life.

hearing testHearing loss is a soft but silent eroder of your general well-being. Most people don’t realize when they’re not hearing conversations completely. That’s because our brain will compensate for words not heard by filling in the blank, giving us opportunity to understand the overall conversation through context without actually hearing every word.

The impact is that people with hearing loss are not enjoying the subtleties of social interaction. Do you ever:

  • strain to hear, leaning in or cupping your ear?
  • find yourself searching for the topic of conversation?
  • guess what’s being said instead of knowing?
  • feel out of the loop or isolated?
  • avoid conversation?

The good news is that a hearing test will easily determine if you have deficient hearing and if hearing aids would be of value to you. A hearing test will measure your ability to hear sounds at various decibels (volumes), and also detect your level of ability to understand words.

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A quality hearing test is performed by hearing professionals in a soundproof booth using headphones and a computer captures the data. The results are graphed out and explained to you in simple terms where your hearing challenges lie.

The Lakewood Hearing Center hearing test is state-of-the-art because this evaluation is one of the most important steps in the process of uncovering your hearing issues. LHC hearing tests:

  • are conducted in an isolation booth for optimum results
  • employ only the most advanced electro-acoustic equipment
  • utilize instruments that are calibrated yearly according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

The specialists at Lakewood Hearing Center have a combined 90 years of experience in the field. They will explain in simple language what the hearing test shows and educate you regarding which hearing aids are best for you according to your test. Their much talked-about customer service includes:

  • free consultation and hearing aid demonstration
  • comprehensive assessment including a thorough hearing test and hearing health evaluation
  • wide-ranging education on the nature of hearing loss and today’s hearing aids
  • extensive follow up visits
  • a money back guarantee

Stop in or call Lakewood Hearing Center and learn how a simple hearing test can potentially improve your life. LHC consultations are obligation-free and available today.

Call  (303) 988-7299 to schedule your hearing test appointment!

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