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Hearing Aids

We’re a full service, one-stop solution center for your hearing loss – from hearing test to device fitting to unlimited follow up visits.

Can hearing aids actually improve your life? For many people with mild to moderate hearing loss, a good pair can.

Hearing loss makes it difficult to understand conversation in quiet rooms or in noisy public places like a coffee shop. That’s because not only are low volume sounds difficult to hear, but your ability to process and understand even highly-audible voices is compromised when you have hearing loss.

Digital hearing aids can help in many situations — they:

  • amplify sounds so they’re more audible
  • help filter background noise so the speaking voice can come throughbutterfly
  • help you hear and understand better

How do hearing aids accomplish that?

Modern hearing aids utilize the best technology available to aid you in hearing better. Hearing aids apply:

  • digital feedback suppression/cancellation systems
  • digital noise reduction technology
  • telecoil or induction systems
  • modern technology for optimum audio amplification

There are many different brands and styles of hearing aids on the market. Just as shopping for any big budget item, investigating all the options on the market when purchasing hearing aids is utmost important. Some of your questions might be, Which hearing aid is best for my type of hearing loss? Do I need over the ear or in the ear? What brand will give me the best quality for the price?

The first step is getting an up-to-the-minute hearing exam to determine the extent of your hearing loss. Then be sure to consult with an audiologist who sells a wide selection of hearing aid brands and styles to choose from. Discuss with him or her your specific hearing challenges and goals. Then base your decision on what’s right for your needs and budget as determined in partnership by you and your specialist.

The Lakewood Hearing Center offers a wide array of hearing aids to choose from. LHC will lay out all the features you’ll need to be familiar with when choosing hearing aids, such as:

  • Hearing Aidsthe style (size, shape, and position of the hearing aids)
  • how specific technologies may work for them
  • two hearing aids vs. one
  • multiple memories
  • multiple microphones
  • automatic controls vs manual controls
  • volume controls

We’re a full service, one-stop solution center for your hearing loss – from hearing test to device fitting to unlimited follow up visits. LHC adheres to all of the requirements of the State of Colorado’s Consumer Protection Law and the Food and Drug Administration’s rules regarding hearing aids, and we use equipment that meets standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We comply with all federal laws regarding health information privacy (HIPAA) as stipulated by the US Department of Health & Human Services.

Hearing Aids Denver

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