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Hearing aid repairs, fixes, reconditioning, reprogramming services

When your hearing aid doesn’t work, you know why you wear hearing aids. Going without the hearing aid or putting up with it if it is too weak or distorted just doesn’t doesn’t cut it. When you don’t wear your hearing aids, others can also see why you should wear them.

The most common cause of problems with hearing aids is debris, such as ear wax or water, getting into the speaker system or the microphone. If you’ve tried to clean it out or dry it out and it still isn’t working right, then it’s time to call us. We can help. And we do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

hearing aids repairsWe fix or repair hearing aids that are:

  • dead,
  • weak,
  • distorted,
  • broken cases,
  • broken battery doors,
  • stuck batteries, blocked or broken tubes, and
  • broken ear molds.

Many fixes can be completed in our office. Some problems are fixed within an hour. The cost of an in-office fix starts at $65. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes it takes something more than a fix.

For the more serious problems that we can’t fix, the hearing aid may need to be sent in to a factory repair shop. We can have most hearing aids repaired, or even reconditioned and brought up to their original specifications–a “like new” condition.*  However, if we feel that it is not worth you spending money to fix the aid, we’ll tell you that.

When the hearing aids are serviced through a manufacturer’s repair facility, the hearing aid will be returned with a repair warranty. The length of the warranty varies based upon the age and type of hearing aid.

Hearing aids with a valid manufacturer’s warranty |
If your hearing aid has a valid manufacturer’s warranty, we can have the hearing aid repaired through the warranty. If the hearing aid(s) were obtained elsewhere, there will be a charge for our services. If the hearing aid requires reprogramming after the repair, there will be professional fees for those services.

Hearing Aid Reprogramming
Sometimes, you may need your hearing aids reprogrammed. Hearing aid reprogramming services are available for most hearing aids.** An appointment is necessary for all reprogramming services. A current hearing test will be necessary to reprogram hearing aids.***

We offer drop in service , but it’s always a good idea to call us first for an appointment and ask for the Repair and Battery Special.

We service all makes and ages of hearing aids–unless they are really, really old or if they were dispensed in a foreign country (sometimes, even if it’s a hearing aid brand name dispensed in the United States, the aids sold in foreign countries may not be repairable in the U.S., but we try!)

Don’t forget to ask for the Repair and Battery Special.

Hearing Aid Repair Denver

The hearing aids we repair include, but are not limited to:

Audibel — AudioSync — Beltone — Benafon
Danavox — Fidelity — GN Resound — GeneralHearing
Hanaston — Magnatone — MicroTech — NuEar
Omni — Oticon — Phonak — Prairie Labs
Qualitone — Rexton — SeboTec — Siemens
Sonic Innovations — Sonus — Starkey — Unitron
Vivatone — Widex

hearing-aid-repairs*Full repairs or reconditioning through a manufacturer’s repair facility will return the hearing aid to the original specifications of the product, if possible; however, the hearing aid may or may not be the most appropriate for your current hearing loss or hearing needs. If the hearing aid is a digital programmable hearing device, the manufacturer’s facility usually can return the program settings as received; however, the digital chip may be damaged and unreadable. If the manufacturer’s repair facility is unable to return the programming information to the hearing aid, additional professional fees may be necessary for reprogramming the hearing aid in our office.

**If you wish to have a hearing aid that belonged to someone else (such as through obtained a friend or the Internet) fitted for you, be aware that the hearing aid(s) may not be appropriate for your hearing levels or hearing needs. We have seen people who purchased hearing aids through the Internet be very disappointed when the hearing aids were not appropriate for them or the hearing aids required a manufacturer’s repair. Since hearing hearing losses are unique to each individual, we can not guarantee that you will benefit from or like the sound of someone else’s devices. We’ll tell you if it appears obvious to us that the hearing aid would not be appropriate for you. But if you obtain a hearing aid through a friend or the Internet, it is “buyer beware.”

***Current hearing tests will be necessary for reprogramming hearing aids. Professional fees may apply. Or you can bring in a copy of a current, complete hearing test to be used.

We want you to hear as well as you can!

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Hearing Aids Denver

“I am very satisfied with you at Lakewood Hearing. You know your business–more than the other two people I’ve worked with at other places.

“You explain things very well. You take time with your clients. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured.”  George P.

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