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We hope you learn about hearing aids from the best Consumer Hearing Aid Testimonial videos we’ve seen.

Hearing and listening are special gifts that we use everyday. Sometimes, the hearing is less important than the listening with the heart and mind.

Hearing aids are tools for better hearing. With these tools, you are able to redevelop the skills of better, easier listening.

Lakewood Hearing Center supports the Starkey Hearing Foundation as they make a difference in the hearing lives of people worldwide.

Sammy Hagar and Starkey Hearing Foundation Join Forces in Cabo

— Watch Sammy Hagar interact with people hearing for the first time.


Deaf Brothers Listen Without Sound | Project Listen

Imagine living in a world without sound. That’s the world Joseph, Zach, and Ben Featherstone have lived in since birth; however, these three deaf brothers know that true listening requires more than just ears. Project Listen presents their story of learning to listen with open eyes and open hearts.

Starkey Hearing Consumer Testimonials

The 6 videos get right to the improvements hearing aids can make for you. From hearing test through hearing aid service we will be there for you. Your quality of life will be better. We mean it!

Mentioned in these videos:
iPad, iPod, your loved ones must say everything twice, it’s frustrating for everyone, music, private listening, easy to find out, kids say “I say what? a lot”., work issues, gunfire without hearing protection, small, invisible, clear, easy to handle, ROI is huge, eliminates misunderstandings at work, ear infections, swimmer’s ear, can’t enjoy water, want to hear well, trauma to ears, scar tissue, open venting hearing aids, able to hear water, jets overhead, birds chirping,

We are really happy to share these videos that demonstrate the life changing value of hearing aids.

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