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A running, hiking, indoor and outdoor journal of our journeys helping people with hearing issues. Where is LHC? Hearing Aid Manufacturors

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Go-Fer the dogChristmas is a festive time around Lakewood Hearing Center. Even Go Fer, the dog, gets into the spirit.

He got his name Go Fer because he is excited to “go fer” rides, walks, and visits  He loves coming to the office to greet patients.

Where is LHC?

Where is LHC? SnowshoeingSnowshoeing at Guanella Pass in Pike National Forest, Colorado. January 2015

We hope “Where is LHC?” will be a fun way to share some of our stories helping people with hearing issues.

“Where is LHC?” is our journal of our adventures helping people with hearing issues. Please share our running, hiking and skiing adventures and like us on Facebook!


We’re just having a little fun with our Lakewood Hearing Center Logo in the video to the right.

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